Adding Payment Gateway in Snipcart

Learn how to add a payment gateway to an application using Snipcart.

We'll cover the following

Snipcart offers us the privilege of using any payment gateway of our choice and even has a list of some of the most popular payment Gateway for us to integrate into our Snipcart account easily.

When we use Snipcart, the money from any purchased product goes straight into our account, meaning there is no intermediary. This makes the process of setting up carting and retrieving money straightforward. We can use payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, Braintree, and more.

Note: We can also create custom payment gateways, which we can integrate with any payment method.

We can accept credit card payments from customers worldwide with the list of payment gateway providers available. We can also choose from their top shipping providers to send products or create our own shipping methods with webhooks.

With these top shipping providers, we get the opportunity of shipping to an international customer base. We can also send tracking numbers because Snipcart helps us by making it easy to integrate these sorts of platforms into our cart and checkout system.

Configuring the payment gateway

To configure the payment gateway, we first have to access the payment gateway on our Snipcart account by either clicking the steps or clicking on the "Payment Gateway" tab in the account sidebar, as shown below.

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