What is Snipcart?

Learn about Snipcart and how to use it.

Shopify and Snipcart, two highly regarded companies, have played a crucial role in making it incredibly simple to add e-commerce functionalities to any website or online application. Shopify was established in 20062006 to assist with managing everything related to e-commerce. Snipcart was introduced in 20132013 with the purpose of offering a superior checkout and carting experience.

Defining Snipcart

Snipcart is an e-commerce solution that allows businesses of all sizes to integrate shopping cart functionality into existing websites or web applications. We can integrate this carting system into any website using simple HTML and JavaScript codes. Snipcart does the following:

  • Manage e-commerce operations.

  • Provides a fully customizable frontend shopping cart.

  • Gives us access to its webhooks and APIs.

  • Gives us access to an entire merchant back office.

This means we can use Snipcart to handle e-commerce when creating a web page with whatever stack we want. We don't have to deal with the logic of carting from scratch or installing a complex library; instead, we use a dedicated library.

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