Installing Git Locally

Learn how to install Git on our local machine.

For us to be able to use Git commands to push code from our terminal to any Git provider, we need to install Git locally on our computers. This is quite different for windows and macOS.

We’ll cover how this can be done for both Windows and macOS, so just use the installation procedure that applies to your machine.

Installing Git on Windows

Download the latest version of Git from the Git-scm official website. Make sure you choose the appropriate bit version (6464 or 3232) for your machine. Once the file is downloaded, install it on your computer.

Once installed, you can now proceed to configure your Git account so that it knows where to push our code. You can use the Git Bash terminal, which gets installed when you install Git, or you can use the default CMD terminal.

Installing Git on macOS

You’ll make use of Homebrew to install Git on macOS. Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that makes it easy to install major software on Apple's operating system (macOS). You can use the terminal to install Homebrew by running the following command:

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