Dynamic Routing in React for Single Products

Learn what dynamic routing is and how to implement it.

What is dynamic routing?

Dynamic routing is the ability to navigate to a specific route by passing data via path to determine the data available on that page/route.

Let’s suppose we have over 50 products, and we want to direct the user to a page where they can see more details about only that product when they click on it. Creating individual pages for each product would be highly time-consuming if we have more than five products.

Dynamic routing comes into play in this scenario. We route to a page while passing specific, unique data via the path/URL. This unique data can be used to query the particular product the user wants to see.

Note: For the time being, implementing dynamic routing is difficult because we are not fetching data from anywhere. Until we do, let’s create the page, add some static data, and configure the route.

Creating a single-product page

This page will dynamically render and only contain data for a single product based on the unique slug passed via the URL.

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