Pushing Our Source Code to GitHub

Learn about GitHub and how to push our code to it.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a cloud-based service that developers can use to store and manage their source code. It is a version control system that uses Git to track, manage, and control code changes.

We can also use GitHub for collaboration among developers working on the same project. This reduces the risk of duplication, conflicts, and other issues, reducing production time. GitHub allows anyone to sign up, host their codes online, collaborate, track changes, and work on open-source projects.

GitHub provides basic collaboration features such as pulling, pushing, creating a pull request, reviewing, and merging codes.

Signing up with GitHub

To start with GitHub, we have to first visit their official website and create an account. The GitHub home page requires a few details to get started. The essential information required is an email address, followed by a password.

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