Introduction to RxJS Tools For Web Application

Learn about the RxJS tools that we'll use to build the web application.

In this chapter, we’ll build a typical web application, using RxJS in the front-end and back-end. We’ll transform the Document Object Model (DOM) and do client-server communication using WebSockets in a Node.js server.

For the user interface part, we’ll use the RxJS-DOM library, a library by the same team that made RxJS, which provides convenient operators to deal with DOM and browser-related stuff that will make our lives easier. For the server part, we’ll use two well-established node libraries and wrap some of their APIs with Observables to use them in our application.

After this chapter, we’ll be able to use RxJS to build user interfaces in a declarative way, using the techniques we’ve seen so far and applying them to the DOM. We’ll also be ready to use RxJS in any Node.js project and reactive programming and RxJS in any project.

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