Wrapping Up Model View Intent

Learn some of the better ways in which the MVI approach can be used.

We'll cover the following

Ideas for improvement

Besides being in urgent need of a better graphical design, our application could use some features to be more than a quick redirect to Wikipedia results:

  1. Let the user bookmark particular results. We could add a little star next to every result in the list so that when the user clicks the star sign, it saves that result as a favorite. We could make the star into its own widget. Extra points if we use a persistent API (reactively!), such as Local Storage or IndexedDB, to enable a bookmark feature.

  2. Show a “preview” of a result on the right side of the screen if the user clicks the link, alongside a synopsis and some meta information about it. We can provide a “Read More” link in it and implement it as a widget for when the user wants to go to the actual Wikipedia result.

Wrapping up

Now we know how to develop web applications—that use modern techniques—without abandoning the reactive philosophy. This chapter provided us with an idea of how we could use Observables and RxJS as the internal engines of other frameworks or applications. By standing on the shoulders of Observables and the reactive way of life, we can greatly simplify web applications and reduce the state to its minimum expression, making our web applications less fragile and more maintainable.

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