Bonus Points

Let's see some bonus ideas that we have for you.

We'll cover the following

Bonus points

The sky’s not the limit—you’re already in space! There’s plenty more you can do with this game.

  • First, death shouldn’t be permanent. Add a restart functionality (but don’t forget to prevent restart if the player’s still alive).

  • You could also add in a point system that tracks how many space pirates can the player take out before the player’s eventual demise?

  • Perhaps the space pirates have more in store for our adventurous players like new weapons, new ships, and new power-ups.

  • These new ships could use the easing patterns from the animation section to create more challenging flight paths.

If you’re feeling particularly energized after finishing this chapter, you might want to look into server-side RxJS and build a multiplayer game for all your friends to enjoy.

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