Progressive and Ordered Loading

Let's see how we can break up our application into components in Rx to achieve their progressive and ordered loading.

The previous lessons assume the game is made up of 128 separate items, all of the same priority.

Suppose the game includes a main UI and separate sections for chat, the player’s inventory, and a market for players to exchange items. In that case, the player needs to wait for everything to load, even if they don’t care about today’s prices for Fizzblonium.

Progressive and ordered loading

The next step is to break up the game into components. Each section of the functionality (UI, inventory, chat, market) will have all of the parts required for operation in its own load observable.

This way, each component of the game interface can decide what needs to be loaded for that component. Additionally, this would let us control the order that the app’s component parts load in. Taking the same progress bar pattern as before:

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