What We Learned

Let's take a quick look at what we learned in this chapter.

By now you’ve not only picked up some observable creation knowledge but also added a whole host of operators to your skillset. In this chapter, you learned:

  • How to flatten data with mergeMap.
  • How to filter out unwanted data with (unsurprisingly) filter.
  • How to collect an entire observable worth of data with reduce.
  • How to debug in-flight data with tap.

You also tackled the concept of inner observables. By now you should start to see how observables can plug into common problems you face on the frontend. There’s still plenty to go (two chapters would make a short course), but you’ve plowed through the basics.

In the next chapter, you finally face the big dragon of asynchronicity. The challenge ramps up, but you can handle it. See you there!

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