Interesting Experiments

You can check your knowledge​ and understanding of the material you've seen so far by performing the interesting experiments from this lesson!

  1. In the CloudWatch metrics page, add some interesting metrics for API Gateway and Lambda properties, and inspect what other metrics you can chart for the example application.

  2. Open the CodeDeploy Web Console during a gradual deployment, and force a deployment roll-back from the user interface. Check the CloudFormation Console to see how the entire stack rolls back.

  3. Add a second function to the SAM template and set it up with a gradual deployment. Try rolling back just one function, and see how the other behaves.

  4. Intentionally cause a bug in one of the functions, then deploy again and invoke the broken function enough times to trigger the deployment alarm. Observe how CloudFormation handles that issue.

Get ready for a quick quiz in the next lesson!

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