Interesting Experiments

You can get a stronger grasp on your knowledge​ and understanding by doing the interesting experiments that have been listed in this lesson!

  • Try deploying the stack again using the same name.

  • Try creating a new stack, using a different name, from the same output template (you don’t need to build and package again, just deploy under a new name).

  • Try changing the response message in the Lambda function source and update only one of the deployed stacks, then compare the results.

  • Try updating a stack with a broken CloudFormation output template, for example by modifying the CodeUri for the function to point to an invalid URL directly in output.yaml before deploying. Observe the deployment in the AWS Web Console and see how CloudFormation restores it to the last known working state.

  • Run aws cloudformation help to see the full list of available CloudFormation tools, then experiment with some of them. For example, try deleting one of the deployed stacks.

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