Find out what else you can do to improve your testing skills in Selenium.

Practice makes perfect

Like any other skill, you can get better at test automation by practicing it more.

Writing tests

Many testers would like to practice test automation with Selenium WebDriver, but they don’t have a good target application to write tests against. Therefore, for this purpose, I have made an application WhenWise sandbox freely available here for you guys.

WhenWise is a web application using popular web technologies, such as AJAX and Material Design. I have written 500 Selenium WebDriver tests for WhenWise. The execution of all these tests will take more than 4 hours on a single machine. If you like, you can practice writing tests against the WhenWise sandbox.

Similarly, WhenWise is also a showcase of web applications designed for testing, which means it is easier to write automated tests against it. Each of our Selenium tests starts by calling a database reset, e.g., visiting will reset the database to a seeded state.

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