Introduction to Security

Get an overview of security and its common types.


Security in software architecture refers to the measures and practices that are implemented in order to protect a system and its data from unauthorized access or attacks. There are several aspects of security that are important to consider in software architecture, including:

Access control

Access control refers to the mechanisms that are used to restrict access to a system or its resources to unauthorized users or processes. Access control can be implemented at various levels, such as at the network level, system level, or application level.

For example, a system might be configured with a firewall that controls access to the network and only allows traffic from authorized sources. The system might also be configured with user accounts and passwords that control access to specific resources or functions within the system.


Authentication is the process of confirming a user’s or process’s identity in order to establish that they’re authorised to access a system or its resources. Authentication can be accomplished through a variety of means, including passwords, tokens, and biometric authentication.

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