Staffing & Resource Management

What is staffing and resource management?

Staffing management is the work you'll do to make sure various teams are reserving capacity to contribute to the program deliverables. You need the right people with the right skills to contribute at the right time.

Resource management is the work you'll do to make sure the program has forecasted and lined up the necessary nonpersonnel resources for program success. This will typically include storage capacity, compute resources, networking, or physical servers in a data center.

Healthy practices around staffing and resource management will save your program from a lot of easy-to-avoid delays and challenges.

Note: Traditionally, these two concepts are bundled into one: resource management. However, that is an oversimplification of this type of management and it inappropriately lumps human contributions into the same category as storage capacity needs. Even if they are both costs to the program, each person contributing deserves to be recognized as more than a resource.

Looking ahead

Both of these are proactive activities (as is nearly everything you do as a TPgM).

The program teams will be focusing on execution today. There is a specific scope set for today's execution.

Your job is to look forward to the next major phase or milestone to make sure you have the appropriate staffing and resources lined up for continued execution. You are essentially driving a mini-planning experience as the program goes through major milestones.

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