5 Font Tips You Should Know

Some very important points to note when working with type in CSS.

  1. Generic font family names are keywords. Thus, they should NOT be quoted. e.g: this is wrong:
  font-family: Verdana "sans-serif"
  1. Providing the generic font family name at the end of the list provides a fallback mechanism. i.e if the initial fonts specified aren’t available, there’s a fallback!

  2. Below are fonts you can feel confident using. i.e you can be sure the user has them installed. Pre-installed on their Operating System.

Windows: Arial, Lucida, Impact, Times New Roman, Courier New, Tahoma, Comic Sans, Verdana, Georgia, Garamond

Mac: Helvetica, Futura, Bodoni, Times, Palatino, Courier, Gill Sans, Geneva, Baskerville, Andale Mono

  1. The list of fallback fonts is generally called a font-stack
  1. Enclose font names in quotation marks, if they contain spaces. e.g:

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