Why I Wrote this Course

Hey Champ! When the amazing people at Educative asked me to write a CSS course, I was delighted. Why, you ask?

Here’s the backstory…

Where it all started

Years ago, when I started out my journey into being a developer, I had lots of challenges.

I was self-taught and didn’t have any guidance from mentors or friends. I literarily read everything that came my way. Blog posts, books, pointless articles, all of that.

Do you know what I got in return?


I was so confused, and many times frustrated. There was just too much to learn - on my own.

After One Year

Fast forward one year, and I still hadn’t found a suitable learning path 😔

I’d been from Html to CSS, to WebGL, to JS, to PHP, to NodeJS, and countless unwatched videos on my harddrive.

The most annoying bit was that I never felt like there were any real beginner tutorials around. Everything seemed hard to digest. Except a de (I guess).

After Two Years

To be honest, I don’t remember all that happened in my second year of learning to code.

I probably gave up learning and slowed down a bit.

Should Learning be Hard?

Learning to code in itself is hard 😔

Shouldn’t there be simplified, visual, and practical learning articles or tutorials to aid the process of learning to code?

So, Why I Wrote this Course?

I think I may have learned a lot from my horrible learning experience. I understand the frustration that comes from learning on your own.

So here is the real reason why I wrote this course:

I don’t want you to be as confused as I was. So, I have bundled all that frustration into one well-thought-out course.

These may interest you:

  1. I have taken the difficult concepts and explained them in very simple terms.
  2. We all learn better with visual aids. In this course, you’ll find beautiful illustrations I have drawn by hand - to aid your learning process.
  3. I have organized the lessons in the most sensible order for a beginner.
  4. Learning by doing is very effective. This is why the course has lots of exercises and code snippets to get your hands dirty.
  5. Uh, what more can I do?

Generally Speaking…

If it makes you feel any comfortable, a lot of people think I write with very simple language.

What People Think 👇

I swear this is the best thing I learned today. Thank you, Ohans Emmanuel. Keep coding.
- Ankit Suvarna
Great information, very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write it all down in book form. Good visual examples!!.
- Richard Bloom
Reeeeaally enjoyed this reading and done the exercises too; Dude great work, million thanks. This helped!
- Godfried M
Really love the way you break down things, can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeves for the next ...
- Emmanuel Raymond

Let’s get started, shall we? 😀