Handling Library and Package Errors in a Docker Compose File

Overview of package and library installation issues in Docker Compose files

There are scenarios where we try to install some services and get package or library issues. The reasons can include not installing the necessary package for our application properly or not implementing it properly. In most cases, these packages or libraries are needed for the proper running of our application. We’ll be examining, troubleshooting, and resolving some library and package challenges regarding Docker service builds in a Docker Compose file below.

Python application with Promtail logging service

Our first case study is a Python application, that makes use of Promtail as its logging tool. The files we’ll be working with are the docker-compose.yaml, app.py, and promtail-config.yaml files. They’ll be used to build the Python web service and Promtail logging service. They’re all listed below.

  • The docker-compose.yaml file:

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