Solution: Fixing Common Issues with Docker

Learn by doing your work alongside the solutions for fixing common issues with Docker.

Problem 1: Fixing formatting errors and package issues

Let’s take a look at the solution and review the code. There are five issues encountered while trying to launch the services for task 1. Here are the problems and how to resolve them.

  • Line 3: Docker complains of a parsing issue and we notice that there isn’t a colon in front of our db entry.
    To resolve the error, we need to add a colon (:) in front of the db entry.

  • Line 6: Docker gives the services.db.environment must be a mapping error, and we observe that it’s a space issue.
    We fix that by adding a space between the hyphen (-) symbol and the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=admin entry.

  • Line 11: Docker gives the mapping values are not allowed in this context error, and we notice that it’s a space issue.
    We fix the issue by entering the spacing after the image: object.

  • Line 17: Docker complains of not finding the expected colon (:), and we can see that it’s not a missing colon issue but rather a space issue between the hyphen (-) and the port 80:80 entry.
    We fix it by adding a spacing between them.

  • Logstash error: The Logstash error is based on the Logstash image not found within our environment. To fix that, we write a Dockerfile, reference it in our Docker Compose file, and run both in the same environment. Here’s how we can make the Dockerfile.logstash file:

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