Troubleshooting Image Builds

Understand what Docker image builds are, how to troubleshoot them, and why we troubleshoot them.

Docker image builds can be described as the process of creating a Docker image through the execution of commands stated in the Dockerfile. During this process, Docker builds a new container from the base image and every other command specified in the Dockerfile in layers. Each command creates a layer, a read-only snapshot of the container’s file system. Docker combines all layers created to form an image, which is used to create new containers. The benefit of the Docker image build process is allowing developers to create standard environments for their applications. This ensures they are able to run their application across various environments and machines.

Why troubleshoot Docker image builds?

There are several reasons why we should troubleshoot Docker image builds. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Identify and fix issues: There can be a failure during image builds due to the Dockerfile used or the built environment. Troubleshooting helps identify those errors and gives us a way to fix them.

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