From pandas to GeoPandas

Learn about the relationship between GeoPandas and pandas.

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The pandas library is a widely used open-source library in Python for data manipulation, analysis, and cleaning. It is an essential tool in data science as it provides powerful data structures (such as Series and DataFrames) and functions for working with tabular data, which is a common format for datasets in various fields. One of the primary benefits of pandas is its ability to handle large datasets efficiently by storing data in memory and performing complex operations on it. However, Pandas does not provide specific tools for working with geospatial data.

That’s where GeoPandas comes in. GeoPandas is a library built on top of Pandas, which extends its capabilities to enable geospatial data analysis. It provides tools to read, manipulate, and analyze geospatial data, making it an essential library for anyone working with geospatial data.

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