Crediting Images and Data Sources

Learn how to credit images and data sources in an Altair chart.

Crediting images and data sources means acknowledging the source of information or visuals used in a chart. This involves providing a reference to the source, which may include the name of the author or creator, a reference to the website, and any other relevant information that allows the reader or viewer to locate the source.

Why should we credit images and data sources?

  • Ethical responsibility: Giving credit to a data or image source is an ethical responsibility. By acknowledging the source of information, we show respect for the work of others and provide them with the recognition they deserve.

  • Accuracy: Proper citation ensures that the information presented is accurate and reliable. If we do not cite the source of the data or image, readers can’t verify the accuracy of the information. By providing a clear source, readers can further investigate if they have doubts or questions.

  • Credibility: Proper citation establishes the credibility of the information presented. When readers see that we have properly credited the source of the data or image, they are more likely to trust the information presented.

Where to credit a source in Altair?

When including data or images in a chart, we include their citation in one of the following places:

  • The subtitle below the title: We use the subtitle parameter to set the crediting text. Here is the sample dataset for the example below.

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