Turning Data into Information

Learn how to extract meaning from data through some practical examples.

We'll cover the following

Turning data into information is the first step toward transforming data into a story. It involves extracting meaning from data.

To turn data into information, we’ll apply the following strategies:

  • Explore data: We study the data by analyzing it and drawing some preparatory graphs. Then, we’ll discard graphs that are not immediately clear.

  • Focus on a single message: If a message tries to say everything, it does not say anything. The audience may not understand our story correctly if we want to communicate more than a single message. We have to represent one piece at a time.

  • Simplify data: We have to abstract the data as much as possible without focusing on unnecessary details.

Let’s practice!

Consider the following open-source dataset, released by Eurostat, describing the number of tourist arrivals to Italy from 1990 to 2019:

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