Getting Started

Discover who this course is for and what you should know before you start this course.

About this course

This course will teach you the fundamentals of web penetration testing, with an in-depth explanation and demonstration of the various cyber security tools available in our toolset. It is for beginner-level users in the field of cyber security and focuses on web application security.

Note: This course uses Kali Linux, which is a Debian-based distro. All the terminals and GUI applications you'll see in the course will be running on this OS.

This course is for those interested in the field of information security and especially in the penetration testing of different websites in order to determine both old and new security vulnerabilities. Users concerned about privacy would also benefit from learning how websites easily perform invasive operations.


In order to easily understand the content of this course, learners should be familiar with:

  • Operating systems concepts (largely Linux)

  • The basics of the Python programming language

  • The basics of databases and the SQL language

  • Fundamental programming and web development concepts


We'll learn about web penetration testing with various tools that are used in the field of cybersecurity. The following are the concepts that we'll cover in detail:

  • Understanding the Linux operating system

  • Scripting with the Python programming language

  • Scanning and assessing a web application's code and security policies

  • Identifying risks and discovering vulnerabilities with web penetration testing tools

  • Hardening web applications after performing web penetration testing procedures


It's vital to remember that employing the tools and methods discussed in this course may be prohibited in certain states and nations and may carry harsh penalties, such as fines and jail time. Educative will not be held responsible for this and does not encourage using the knowledge learned here for illegal reasons. We are discussing these topics for educational purposes only.