CSS Review Summary

This lesson is a review summary of the first chapter.

The objective of the first chapter of the course is to prepare you for Flexbox and review some CSS required to understand the rest of the course.

  • The anatomy of a CSS declaration is mandatory to make progress in the course. The ability to formulate correct selectors is equally important. Without the box model and box-sizing options, layouting will be shaky even with Flexbox.
  • We also need media queries for layouting to define the proper breakpoints. Understanding the benefits of mobile-first design is useful.
  • Talking about layouting, inline-block elements were not introduced here. Although they are good in general, we need to understand why Flexbox is so much better.

The Flexbox example in this chapter only scratches the surface of what you can learn in this course. Continue with the course to master the ins and outs of Flexbox.

If you are not confident in your skills yet, revise the first chapter before moving forward. To make the most of this course, use spaced repetition to make sure you never forget the basics again, and you build on solid foundations.

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