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What is MEVN stack?

A technology stack is a set of frameworks and tools used to develop a software product. These frameworks and tools have been specifically chosen to provide the functionality of your software in the most optimized way.

MEVN stack

The acronym MEVN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, VueJS, Node.js.

MEVN stack is the open-source JavaScript software stack that has emerged as a new and evolving way to build powerful and dynamic web applications. Its software components can be used to effectively design frontend and backend development and improve the functionality of your website or app.

  • MongoDB: A document-oriented, No-SQL database used to store the application data.

  • ExpressJS: A framework layered on top of NodeJS, used to build the backend of a site using NodeJS functions and structures. Since NodeJS was primarily developed to run JavaScript on a machine instead of making websites, ExpressJS was created for the latter purpose.

  • Vue JS: VueJS is referred to as a client-side framework and is especially used in front-end web development. It has two-way data binding that allows seamless frontend development along with MVC capability and interactive server-side applications.

  • NodeJS: The JavaScript runtime environment. It is used to run JavaScript on a machine rather than in a browser.

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