Machine Learning Handbook

Machine Learning Handbook


12 Lessons

2h 30min

Certificate of Completion

AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Machine Learning Handbook
5 Playgrounds
51 Illustrations

Takeaway Skills

An understanding of the fundamentals of machine learning (ML) in data-driven decision-making processes

Familiarity with essential libraries and tools used for data preprocessing

Knowledge of practical applications of ML in image processing, computer vision, text analysis, and natural language processing (NLP)

Proficiency in distinguishing between different types of ML approaches

An understanding of the distinctions between ML methodologies and its advanced concepts

Course Overview

This course offers a thorough initiation into the field of machine learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence focussing on creating and analyzing statistical algorithms capable of generalizing and executing tasks autonomously, without requiring explicit programming instructions. The course encompasses fundamental concepts showcasing the use of Python and its key libraries in practical coding examples. It delves into crucial areas, including an exploration of common libraries and tools used in ML t...Show More


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