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Developers Institute + Educative Technical Writing Workshop

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Dominique Sabins

The Educative Technical Writing Workshop is a platform that welcomes coders to practice their technical writing skills and demonstrate their coding knowledge. The participants are given an opportunity to create their own shot and engage in the review process with the Edpresso team.

Once the participants submit their first draft, the Edpresso team provides an in-depth technical content review and a proofreading review. The participants are then sent their review documents, at which time they are encouraged to revise and resubmit their shots. Finally, the participants’ shots are published and the winners are announced after a two-week period.

What is the Developers Institute?

The Developers Institute is based out of Tel Aviv and is a coding bootcamp that strives to make coding education accessible to anyone, anywhere. Their world-class program is committed to ensuring that their programs are affordable for anyone who would like to emerge into the tech world. Their students come from over 25 different countries and all have the same growth mindset with the goal of becoming leaders in high tech and startup companies. The Developers Institute shares Educative’s mission to help individual coders be prepared for a career in software development by providing quality education.

One thing that is unique about the Developers Institute is that their students are monitored through progress and projects, rather than a traditional grading scale. Their courses implement hands-on learning so that their students are better prepared for jobs upon graduating.

The Developers Institute recently received Switchup’s “Best Bootcamp Winner” of 2021. The Developers Institute also ranked as the 31st best coding bootcamp worldwide. Due to their high-quality programs, the Developers Institute has globally expanded with bootcamps in Israel, Mexico, Cameroon, and Senegal.

Meet the winners

1. Olga Smirnova

Olga began coding a year ago at an intensive Software Engineering bootcamp, when she had so much free time due to the pandemic. She started without any knowledge of coding, but after 3 months of learning she was already volunteering as a web track mentor at SheCodes, which creates tech courses for women. Olga is passionate about helping women learn to code and she loves to study. She likes coding because she is always open to new challenges and enjoys completing new technical tasks and creating applications and websites.

Writing is Olga’s second passion. She has an extensive career as a Principle Marketing Communications and PR Manager. However, her next career goal is to become a Full Stack Developer. Technical writing was an entirely new experience for Olga but she plans on continuing to share her knowledge. She wants to find a company that will support her development as a coder and where she can contribute her ideas and talent.

Check out a snippet of Olga’s first-place article!

What are JavaScript short-circuiting operators?

Commonly, logical operators are used to combine two boolean values. But the truth is that we can do a lot more with the AND and OR operators.

In JavaScript, short-circuiting is the evaluation of an expression from left to right with || and && operators.

If the condition is met and the rest of the conditions won’t affect the already evaluated result, the expression will short-circuit and return that result (value).

Short-circuiting with the or (||) operator

The || operator will return the first truthy value of all the operands, or simply the last value if all of them are falsy.

You can read her entire article on Edpresso if you would like to learn more about short-circuiting operators.

2. Maryna Afanasieva

Maryna began coding many years ago while at university in Ukraine. She began learning to code once again at the Developers Institute with a focus on Javascript and related languages.

Maryna loves to code because she believes it is an intellectual job and is a supporter of open information. She enjoys writing because she can dive into any task and answer questions. Maryna has written over 30 papers on management and administration and would like to continue to provide quality professional services in her technical career.

Read below for a peek at Maryna’s winning article!

What is render in React JavaScript?


React JS is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React provides a powerful, declarative programming model that keeps the DOM in sync with your data. Main React definitions that ensure its mechanism are elements, components, states, props, virtual DOM, lifecycle, and render methods. So, it’s important to understand how it works.

React definitions and render mechanisms


Render is to renew only an appropriate part of information on the user’s screen when the element properties (props) are replaced by new ones or a component state (a set of props) changes in the application. Thanks to the render method, we avoid reloading the whole web page, save time, and increase productivity.

Click here to continue reading Maryna’s article!

3. Malhar Lakdawala

Malhar has been coding for 3 months since joining the Developers Institute. Since joining, his coding skills have progressed to include topics such as frontend, backend, HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. Malhar says that he enjoys coding because he likes problem-solving and coding provides endless opportunities for him to face new challenges. In his own words, he says, “once you solve the issue and the code is up and running, it is a blissful moment.” Malhar believes that although writing can be difficult, it may also help coders understand an issue in more detail.

Malhar is currently a co-founder of a data science tech company called Leadzen.ai. His future career goal is to become a CTO.

Read a snippet of Malhar’s winning article below!

How to do arithmetic operations in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provides many mathematical operators for common mathematical conventions. The bitwise operators can be used only with the integer data types.

To learn more about arithmetic operations in PostgreSQL, visit Edpresso to read the entire article.

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