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Benchmark your coding skills in 20 minutes: Educative Assessments

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Zach Milkis

If you’re like most developers, you probably find yourself wondering where your programming abilities truly stand.

Do I really know my Java fundamentals?

How does my Python knowledge compare to that of other full-stack developers?

Is it fair to call myself “proficient” in C++?

Do I have a working understanding of Data Science, System Design, or Deep Learning?

And when it’s time to actually apply these skills at a new role or company, there can be a big difference between feeling competent and demonstrating competency.

In today’s competitive job market, benchmarking your skills is an important first step to achieving your career goals. Simply put, you need to know where you stand to get where you want to go.

In the past, it has been hard to find dependable assessments that accurately affirm your strengths and identify your skill gaps. Even harder is to get clear recommendations for how to improve.

That’s why Educative launched a new tool: Educative Assessments.

Why should I take a skills assessment?

Educative Assessments helps you achieve three goals:

  1. Quickly gauge your proficiency across a range of in-demand tech skills

  2. Accurately identify skill gaps

  3. Receive curated resources to help you improve

Educative now offers 10 carefully crafted assessments, each covering a different in-demand technical skill.

By taking assessments on topics like Python Fundamentals, Core Java, or System Design, you can confidently assess your proficiency in under 20 minutes.

Know where your skills stand.

Educative Assessments are fast, accurate, and totally free to try.

Get Your SkillScore today

(If you can’t find the topic you’re looking for, don’t worry; there are many more assessments covering a range of in-demand tech skills on the way!)

And here’s the best part: based on your result, Educative will recommend curated learning resources to help you improve.

It’s no secret that the highest-performing developers continuously upskill. Educative Assessments is designed to help developers find the right learning resources at the right time for their level.

What is my Educative SkillScore?

When you take an Educative Assessment, you will receive a percentile score. This is your Educative SkillScore.

Your SkillScore falls into one of three competency levels: Beginner, Proficient, and Expert.

If you score in the Proficient or Expert range, you will earn a badge that lives in your Educative profile and is shareable with your network.

Every Educative Assessment is based on industry-leading IRT models (Item Response Theory) and adaptive testing. This means more accurate test results through shorter assessments.

If you get a SkillScore that you’re unhappy with, don’t worry; you have several chances to retake the assessment (with new questions) to improve your result.

How do I improve my SkillScore?

When you receive your SkillScore, Educative will offer you custom learning recommendations to help you fill skill gaps.

Only landed in the 30th percentile in your C++ assessment? Brush up on the basics in Educative’s C++ courses. Did great on your Python assessment, but flubbed Tuples? We have just the thing.

Benchmark your coding skills in less than 20 minutes.

Try an Assessment for Free

We know better than most that the world of developer learning can feel so infinite that it’s hard to know where to start. Educative Assessments takes care of that problem with curated course recommendations based on your SkillScore.

It’s never been easier to find out exactly where your programming skills stand. And with your SkillScore in hand, it’s never been easier to know where you need to grow.

How do I take an Educative Assessment and get my SkillScore?

Educative Assessments are quick, accurate, and available through Educative Unlimited.

Test your skills in 10 subject areas today (and stay tuned for new assessments coming soon):

Happy learning!


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