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Educative is partnering with Hired to help developers land a job they love

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve officially kicked off a new partnership with our friends at Hired.

As part of the partnership, Hired will refer candidates to Educative to take interview-prep courses, while Educative provides qualified learners the opportunity to find their dream job on Hired.

For us at Educative, entering this partnership made sense for a simple reason: we want to make it easier for developers to successfully navigate their careers in tech, and land where they can be their best.

The challenges with tech recruiting

Historically, the job search and interview process has been the source of a lot of frustration for engineers – on both sides of the interviewing table.

The software industry is unique in that a specific display of technical knowledge is required each time you want to change jobs. This creates a host of issues: some of which include bias in the interviewing process, suboptimal hiring decisions, massive numbers of engineer hours spent, and of course, the stress related to actually interviewing.

Both Educative and Hired believe that the end-to-end experience of finding a job you love should be efficient, insightful and rewarding.

How Educative helps

With hands-on software courses, including a huge selection tailored specifically for interview prep, we at Educative aim to level the playing field. We do so by drastically lowering the rate of “false negatives” wherein otherwise qualified candidates fail technical interviews.

In the past, candidates would often prepare for interviews by practicing hundreds of questions in the hopes of anticipating the specific ones that would appear on their interview loops. Candidates unable to invest the time required to do that would be disadvantaged, and forced to interview under-prepared.

Our interview prep courses focus on coaching candidates through patterns of problem recognition. This enables candidates to confidently answer questions they might not ever have encountered before with a minimum of prep work. By doing this, we empower candidates to get better interview results with less time spent.

How Hired helps

Hired is a marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies.

On Hired, instead of developers having to apply to individual companies, they can create a single profile that highlights their skills, experience and what they are looking for in their next role in order to have companies apply to interview them.

To make the process even more transparent, salary details are shared up front before a candidate’s first conversation with a company. This eliminates some of the most frustrating aspects of the job search for tech workers.

What’s next

We hope to continue expanding our partnership by finding new ways to collaborate. We believe that both companies share the same goal and we’re confident that a stronger partnership between Educative and Hired will above all benefit our shared core audience: software engineers.

Stay on the lookout for more in the weeks and months ahead.


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