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Educative launches EMHub!

Mar 01, 2022 - 2 min read
Fahim ul Haq

We founded Educative in 2015 with the mission to help developers become more productive and successful. With now more than 1M registered users, we’re expanding our learning opportunities for developer teams. One focus area involves equipping engineering managers with the tools they need to build strong teams and be effective leaders. That’s where EMHub comes into the picture.

EMHub’s vision

Engineering Manager Hub (EMHub) is a free, open learning resource built for engineering managers.

EMHub is a place for engineering leaders from across the industry to share their favorite stories, tips, and tools for how to be an effective manager. Eventually, we see EMHub growing into a thriving community – a place where engineering leaders of all backgrounds can come together to trade insights and keep the learning going.

Ask any of the million developers on the Educative platform, and they will all agree: great software engineering management matters. Join us on EMHub in the pursuit of great engineering leadership!


What will I learn on EMHub?

Most engineering leaders we talk to love mentoring others — especially new and aspiring leaders. Our mission at EMHub is simple: to help curate these key learnings for the benefit of the broader engineering community.

How? We’re starting with articles, podcasts, and courses (hosted on Educative) from experienced engineering leaders. Every EMHub author is passionate about helping developer teams grow and reach their potential.

Stories you will find on EMHub

  • Initiatives engineering leaders tackled and challenges they faced—what worked and what didn’t (sometimes those moments of unsuccessful engineering leadership can be even more illuminating than the successes!)

  • Battle-tested advice on hiring, mentoring, and retaining developers while scaling dev teams

  • Technology, time, or team management

  • Everyday leadership lessons

  • Favorite leadership resources (books, podcasts, blogs, workshops, etc. — there’s a big world of learning out there beyond EMHub!)

New initiatives and next steps

We’ve got some other great ideas in the making to grow EMHub into a strong community. You can sign up for our EMHub newsletter to receive updates on new articles, podcasts, and features as they launch. If you have any questions or are curious about becoming an author, please visit our Contribute page to learn more.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey!

WRITTEN BYFahim ul Haq

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