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Introducing Educative Answers

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Fahim ul Haq

What started as a community project is now a pillar in Educative’s service offering: Educative Answers gets you the right answer every time

Educative exists to make every developer more productive and more successful - it's literally our mission statement.

This mission is fulfilled in and by people. When software engineers become productive and successful, Educative has done something right.

To fulfill this mission, we offer free content at the Educative blog, for insights on the hiring process at major companies, and Grokking Python for the constantly evolving world of Python. Our product offerings include over 300 Courses, more than 50 Projects, Paths for key career skills, and Personalized Plans to cut the fluff and get what you need when you want it.

And now we offer Educative Answers, a completely free resource for and by the global developer community.

The Right Answer, Every Time

Educative Answers is the premier destination for software engineers looking for reference code and quick knowledge in a wide array of programming languages. Powered by a global community of contributors, every Answer is reviewed by Educative technical engineers for accuracy and passes through our editorial process to ensure clarity. This means that you'll get the right Answer every time.

As a former developer, I know what it’s like to google an answer, copy some reference code from outdated documentation or another engineer in an online community, and then tweak it in my IDE only to find it doesn’t quite work. I also know what it’s like to dig through forums to find three different answers to one question.

Developers want to help each other. Social networks, forums, Slack channels - they’re filled with people asking questions and other engineers providing answers. But sometimes the right answer gets buried. Sometimes the right question hasn’t even been asked, but when you ask it, no one answers - lost in the flood of information that is the internet.

Educative Answers eliminates these roadblocks. You come with a question, and hundreds of developers and technical content engineers from around the world come together to provide you with one Answer. And you’ll know it can work because every Answer has executable code right in the browser.

A Pillar for Educative, The Resource for Developers

What started as a community project is now a pillar in Educative’s service offering. Educative Answers serves over 2 million users per month, empowering engineers to solve problems and advance their projects quickly.

When you come to Educative, Courses will walk you through mastering a key skill, Projects will help you put all your learning together in fully realized applications, and Assessments can help you benchmark your skill level and identify areas for improvement.

When you go to work, Educative Enterprise empowers engineering managers to quickly onboard new hires and frees developers to upskill quickly by breaking down silos of tribal knowledge through personalized plans. It’s engineering enablement for and by engineers, not through specific platforms.

And when you have a quick question that needs to be solved, Educative Answers gets you the right answer every time from a source you know you can trust.

Join the Community

Have an engineering problem? Check out the new Educative Answers. Want to help other developers? Become a contributor to provide your trusted expertise on a global scale.

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