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One Million Users: Celebrating Developer Growth

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Fahim ul Haq

We founded Educative in 2015 with the mission to help developers become more productive and successful. We were frustrated by video tutorials and wanted to build a learning platform that provides hands-on learning without the need to set up, install or configure developer environments.

That first August (when I deployed the v0.0001 to production), Educative had six registered users: myself, my brother and co-founder Naeem, two dummy accounts for testing, and two friends who had some access to play around and give feedback. As of February 2022, over 1,000,000 developers have created Educative accounts worldwide.

That deserves a larger shout out:

Educative now has more than 1,000,000 registered users!

This is truly humbling. When Naeem and I started Educative, there was always the implicit fear that we were scratching our own itch. We knew that developers were always trying to learn new skills, and that the resources for software engineering courses were scattered across the Internet and inefficient. Early traction wasn’t there, but then this graph started to happen.

It would not be possible without so many partnerships. Educative has over 300 amazing employees (and we’re still growing). Our own engineers, product managers, and designers develop more and more products, features, and improvements to the platform all the time. We have a content team (led by computer science PhDs) that works with software engineering experts and the best authors and publishers in the world to create the immersive hands-on training for software engineers. And of course our marketing team helps connect and deliver these learning experiences to the world.

However, our biggest asset is our community of learners. When our learners reach out to us with stories like the following, I want to wake up even earlier the next day to deliver more faster.

Hi Fahim, you don’t know me, we never met each other, but your work saved my life and my family. The subscription I paid for educative is the greatest investment I had in my life. I hope we meet one day so I can thank you in Person :).

What’s motivating is that Educative has been critical to the lives and careers of many developers. A developer moved to a new company and progressed in technology he was interested in. A single mother became a front-end developer, working remotely to transform her life and the lives of her kids. Another is right now mastering the skills to be a great manager and level up their team, passing on what they’ve learned.

We were founded on the idea of making engineers more productive and successful, and so when we hit milestones like this, I want us to remember that we are doing this for our customers. We are making one million people more productive and successful in their careers. It’s humbling and motivating at the same time.

Still Growing

In the next few weeks, we are launching an enterprise solution: an engineering enablement tool to help engineering teams onboard new hires more quickly, more effectively, and to retain and develop their skills.

We plan to launch hundreds of new courses, projects and skill assessments this year. We would love to partner with great engineers to develop other developers. If that’s you, join us by becoming an Educative author.

We are also hiring (a lot).

One million is just the beginning. As every company becomes a tech company, the demand for developers will only grow. And we are so excited, and so thankful, to be growing with them.

WRITTEN BYFahim ul Haq

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