Master the Coding Interview

Master the Coding Interview

Stop drilling endless problem sets. Prep smarter with Educative’s Grokking Coding Interview Patterns courses.

Learn 26 patterns. Answer thousands of questions.

Educative is your definitive interview prep roadmap. Learn a structured, pattern-based approach to solving any coding interview question — without getting lost in a maze of Leetcode-style practice problems. Developed by FAANG hiring managers to help you prepare for interviews at major tech companies.

Understand the essential coding interview patterns to unlock the most common questions, like Two Pointers, Sliding Windows, and K-way Merge

Learn tricks to solve hundreds of questions just by assessing the problem statement

Efficiently evaluate the tradeoffs between time and space complexity in different solutions

Practice your skills in a hands-on, setup-free coding environment

Stay ahead of the competition with Educative Unlimited.

Educative is more than just an interview prep resource — it’s the best learning environment to get hands-on with the industry’s most in-demand tech skills, including System Design, APIs, ML, and more.

80+ interview prep courses

500+ courses and curated learning paths

50+ real-world projects and assessments

Interactive learning through coding playgrounds, quizzes, and more

All in-browser — no setup required

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