Concurrency for Coding Interviews and Beyond


Concurrency interview questions are often feared by developers… but fear no more

There’s a reason many developers are uncomfortable with concurrency:

  • Concurrency is a very complicated topic, where many junior developers and even senior developers haven’t had the chance to implement concurrent programs.
  • The number of abstractions can be confusing. Choosing the right abstraction is difficult.
  • The important lessons of encapsulation, separation of concerns, loose coupling, etc. all apply.
  • Most of what was taught in introductory multithreading materials is technically correct but doesn’t translate to the problems at hand.

On top of this, your performance on concurrency questions is usually an important deciding factor in determining your “hiring level,” which can of course have a major impact on your salary.

Knowledge of concurrency and multithreading can put interviewees at a considerable advantage over their peers.

Don’t leave it to chance.

Our concurrency interview prep courses were created to help you maximize your chances of success in your coding interview so you can land that job you’ve been working so hard for.

Learn the foundations of concurrency

Before you can start implementing concurrent programs, you’ll need to build the foundation for all the moving parts that make up such a program.

The good news is that at Educative, we’ve talked to hundreds of candidates, and teamed up with concurrency expert C.H. Afzal, to provide you with all the foundational knowledge that you would need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Practice real world concurrency problems

The foundations laid in these courses will set you up to start solving real-world concurrency problems. Common problems you’ll see in an interview as well as in the wild include:

  • ReadWrite Lock
  • Dining Philosopher
  • Uber ride problem
  • Barber Shop Problem
  • Asynchronous to Synchronous problem
  • And many more

Each problem offers you full implementation details and is thoroughly explained so that you understand each and every step. Try a free preview:

Created by a concurrency expert

Our concurrency interview courses were created by Silicon Valley veteran, C.H. Afzal. Afzal has worked at and interviewed candidates at some of the top companies in the world including: Netflix, Microsoft, Cloudera, and Oracle.

Learn at your own pace

Reading is faster than watching: the average video tutorial is spoken at 150 words per minute, while the average human reads at 250. That’s why our courses are laid out as rich text.

You’ll get all the benefits of reading from a book, such as the ability to skim over parts, double back easily where needed, and highlight passages you find particularly interesting.

We recognize learning visually is important. That’s why solutions are laced with detailed charts and visualizations.

Get help when you need it

Stuck? Need another explanation? Preparing for any technical interview on your own can be intimidating, let alone a concurrency interview.

Educative Discuss gives you a space to ask anything you’d like. There’s a dedicated sub-forum for each lesson of the course, and the authors themselves frequently jump in to help out candidates.


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