Comparing Different Cloud Hosts

This lesson will highlight the similarities and differences between AWS, GCP and Heroku.

So far, we’ve been familiarized with GCP and some of its feature. However, there are several other popular cloud platforms as well, each with its own flavor of functionality.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Heroku are giants in the field of cloud hosting. In this lesson, we will compare GCP, AWS and Heroku to decide which one is the best fit for us.

Features AWS Heroku GCP
Deployment Requires some technical knowledge about server configuration. Does everything at the backend. We do not need to worry about maintenance. Requires some technical knowledge about server configuration.
Control Offers the widest range of features. Isn’t very flexible as it handles everything for us. There is a huge growing library of dev tools.
Learning Curve High Low High
Pricing Fairly low. Pay for what you need. Very expensive Very economical. A great free plan as well.
Scalability High High and simple High
Speed Usually efficient, but does slow down in high traffic. Can slow down in high traffic. Fairly reliable speed, but this is also a result of GCP having less users than AWS and Heroku.

That is all we need to know about safe and secure website deployment. We’ve learned all the basic steps needed to run a persistent application. The next section will explain how to maintain our website and server so that we don’t face a degradation in services.

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