Find a Web Hosting Service

In this section, we will learn about the different tools we need to make our website visible on the internet. Let's start by describing what web hosting is.

At this point, we have picked the domain name for our website. However, our site still runs only on a local machine. To make it visible on the vast world of the internet, we need a web hosting service.

In a nutshell, a web hosting service stores your site on a server and posts it online for public access. It acts as a platform which provides us the resources needed to run a website.

We can host a website by ourselves as well, but we’d need to have a powerful web server which can handle user traffic. A web hosting service solves this problem, along with many others. Selecting the appropriate service plays a crucial role in web deployment.

Types of Hosting

Before we can pick a web host which suits our needs, we need to understand the primary web hosting strategies available to us in the market.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server will place all of its resources to host our website only. We never need to share the server’s computing power with anyone else’s website as it is dedicated to us. A dedicated server is also referred to as a bare metal server as it is a piece of machinery which serves only one tenant.

This approach provides a high degree of freedom since we can customize the environment of the server as we see fit. Basically, a dedicated server is a server we own. We can even use it to manage multiple sites and softwares.

The power of a dedicated server does not come without a cost. This is the most expensive type of web hosting with the monthly cost ranging roughly from $50 to $100. Bluehost and HostGator are popular dedicated hosting services.

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