Creating a Project on Google Cloud Platform

This is the most important part of this course. We'll learn how to make our website live on GCP.

We'll cover the following

At this point, we have all our tools in place. We have acquired a domain name and discussed various web hosting plans. The course has also introduced us to SSH and code deployment via Git.

All we have to do now is make our website live! For this purpose, we will be using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) since it is very relevant in modern times and is fairly easy to use. Let’s look at the steps we need to follow to deploy a simple website.

Signing Up

Go to the Google Cloud homepage and sign up for a free trial. It will ask us for our basic information along with a payment method. Don’t worry. Google will not charge us after the free trial ends unless we specify that we’ll be using the service in the future:

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