Domain Name Registrars

This lesson discusses the domain name registrars and the critical factors that you need to consider before choosing a registrar for your website.

Domain Name

Once you have finalized the website design and implementation, then you would need a short and simple name to go with it. We refer to this name as “Domain Name”. But there is a procedure that you need to follow in order to link that name with your website.

Domain Name Registrar

You need a domain registrar to register and purchase a domain name for your website. All domain name registrars are approved under ICANN (the non-profit organization that manages the domain name system). The domain name system makes it possible to name our websites with cool and easy-to-remember names, otherwise we would have to remember the long confusing IP addresses for each website.

Most of the registrar services offer a set of similar features but also come with disadvantages so always choose wisely. There are hundreds of domain name registrars available on the internet today. Before you choose a domain name registrar, you need to do a little research and list down the pros and cons of each service along with your requirements and things you need to consider. These are the most popular ones:

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