Who This Course is For

This course is for people who want to learn the process of launching a website online!

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This course is for anyone who wants to the learn the nitty gritty details and steps involved in making a website go live. Once you finish writing the code for your website, getting your server from local to live isn’t that difficult. But since most of the tutorials don’t cover this part so the developers are left to struggle with this last step alone. What makes this process tiring is that the programmers have to pick out a lot of stuff on their own as there is a huge variety of options available to go with.

Most of the content available on the internet focuses only on covering the “steps” required to make the server live. They don’t go into the basics of how things are working at the backend which confuses the developers even more. Most people end up learning these things on the fly and there is no concrete ‘manual’ for them.


About this Course

This course covers all the basics that you need to know before launching a website. If you are struggling with this last phase then this course will help ensure that you do it peacefully, without fussing too much. You can use this course as a checklist while publishing your website to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

To get the most out of this course, we suggest that you perform the steps on your end as you progress chapter by chapter. You will learn how to register a domain, get a hosting, deploy your code on a platform, perform some testing and maintenance and finally, some post web launch stuff that you’d need to take care of!

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the entire process and will be comfortable enough to publish your website without taking any help.


That’s it for the introduction. Let’s get started!