Most in-demand skills in Industry

This optional lesson will explain what skills you can learn if you want to pursue a career in web development.

The end is just the beginning!

Congratulations if you have successfully launched your first website! Now you might be wondering where to go from here, which is why we have prepared this section for you to help you figure out! Give it a read and see which field interests you the most.

In the broad field of web development, all the careers can be categorized under four main options:

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Design (UI/UX)

Let’s discuss all of them briefly!

Frontend Development

Frontend developers use a bunch of technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and frameworks (Foundation, Materialize etc.) to design the front view of the website.

They are responsible for designing components like images, buttons, navigation and also make sure to add a little bit usability to make the website easy to use. The primary job of a front-end developer is to make sure that the front part of the website runs smoothly and users can interact with the website without any problems. This job might look easy to you but in real its not!

Educative offers a plenty of courses that might interest you. Here is a list of a few courses that you must take if you want to pursue your career in Frontend Development.

Backend Development

The backend developers deal with the functionality and overall performance of the website. Mostly, backend developers are responsible for making web pages and applications work and deploy new features in order to keep the website up-to-date.

Here is a list of our most recommended courses made on the backend:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is considered one of the most difficult jobs which is why very few people opt for this career. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and time to learn the aspect of mobile applications. Mobile developers are basically responsible for developing applications for different platforms like Android, MacOS and Windows.

Web Design (UI/UX)

Web Design is a very important part of the website. It requires a lot of creativity. The UI part of the website is not that difficult to design if you have a creative mind. However, the UX (user experience) requires the designer to have a lot of experience in order to design a high usability website. You need to be familiar with UI principles, like what color palette to use, which font size is easily readable for the eyes etc. in order to become a good designer.

This sums up our discussion on career paths!