Server Maintenance

This section deals with the different methods of testing and maintenance which ensure the quality of our website. First up, we have server maintenance!

Now that our website is live, our task is to make sure that it runs smoothly. The server acts as a home for our product, so it only makes sense to keep our house clean. Not doing so may lead to grave situations. A server shutdown can cause major financial and informational losses, which is something we can’t afford if our site generates heavy traffic.

Whether we choose to appoint all maintenance jobs to a trusted web/cloud host or we do it ourselves, there are some fundamental practices we need to be aware of. Let’s have a look at them now.

Regular Updates

We need to make sure that all our software is up to date because older versions are at the risk of losing technical support from their vendors.

In case of a web host, we should always have an updated control panel.

Make Backups

Our application software and database should be regularly backed up. This will be useful in case of a server failure.

Monitor and Manage Disk Space

A lot of creators do not pay attention to the obsolete data lurking in the recesses of their servers. While it may not be evident at first, the accumulating garbage information can take a toll on our server’s performance.

Check for Hardware Problems

We have to monitor hardware performance and take care of any abnormal behavior. Faulty components should be replaced or fixed as soon as possible.

Security Measures

There should be security checks in place to resist cyber attacks. Vulnerability detecting softwares like Nessus and Qualys are very suitable for this job.

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