Creating the Product Maintenance Application

At the heart of the Depot application is a database. Getting this installed, configured, and tested before proceeding will prevent a lot of headaches. If we’re not certain about what we want, take the defaults and it will go easily. If we know what we want, Rails makes it easy to describe your configuration.

Creating a Rails application

In Creating a New Application, we saw how to create a new Rails application. We will do the same thing here. Go to a command prompt and type “rails new” followed by the name of our project. Here, our project is called “depot.” Make sure we are not inside an existing application directory, and type this:

work> rails new depot

We see a bunch of output scroll by. When it has finished, a new directory, depot, has been created. That’s where we’ll be doing our work:

work> cd depot
depot> ls -p

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