Application: Blink Teleportation

Learn to create blink teleportation to combine all the concepts we’ve learned in this chapter.

Blink teleportation is a common movement technique used in VR games and applications. It allows the user to quickly move from one location to another within the VR environment by clicking a designated entity rather than physically walking or navigating there.

Building the scenes

We’ll create a scene where we place different objects and teleport near them to inspect them. As a starting point, we’ll set up the following scene with four objects and a teleportation sign above each object. We can go near each object by clicking on its corresponding teleportation sign using the cursor. We’ve disabled keyboard navigation in the scene by setting the wasd-controls-enabled attribute to false. Now, we want to be able to teleport directly to each object rather than navigate to it using the keyboard. Here’s how we can do this:

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