Building Full-Stack Web Applications with AdonisJs

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Takeaway Skills

Learn to create routes, middleware, controllers, and views.

Acquire knowledge of the request and response objects.

Discover session drivers and methods.

Learn to validate user input.

Learn to work with a database.

Get introduced to hooks, events, and the Adonis mail provider.

Get familiarized with writing unit and functional tests in AdonisJs.

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Course Overview

This course is a detailed guide to AdonisJs. AdonisJs, inspired by Laravel, is a Node.js framework that allows developers to build full-stack web applications and micro-API servers. In this course, you will cover the fundamentals: routes, controllers, middleware, hooks, and more. Each chapter contains code examples a... See more

Course Contents

2. Routing and Middleware

3. Controllers and Views

4. Request and Response

5. Session, Validator, and Logger

6. Database

7. Hooks, Mail, and Events

8. Tests

9. Conclusion

10. Appendix

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