Example 42: Area and Perimeter of a Triangle

Learn how to calculate the area and perimeter of a triangle using pointers.


Write a function that calculates the area and perimeter of the triangle. It receives three sides of a triangle along with two pointers to store the results as parameters.

If the lengths of the sides of a triangle are denoted by a, b, and c, then the area of a triangle is given by:

area=S(Sa)(Sb)(Sc)area = \sqrt{S(S - a)(S - b)(S - c)}


S=(a+b+c)2S = \frac{( a + b + c )}{2}


Input (a,b,c) Output (Area, Parameter)
3, 4, 5 6.000000, 12.000000
3.5, 5.5, 6.5 9.624797, 15.500000

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