Example 81: Verify an ISBN Number

Learn how to verify an ISBN number.


To uniquely identify a book, a 10-digit ISBN number is used. The ISBN number is considered to be correct if the sum of the following statement is a multiple of 11, where did_{i} denotes the ith digit from the right.

d1+2d2+3d3+....+10d10d_{1} + 2d_{2} + 3d_{3} + .... + 10d_{10}

The digits d2d_{2} to d9d_{9} can take any value from 0 to 9, whereas d1d_{1} can be any value from 0 to 10. The ISBN convention is to use the value X to denote 10.

Write a function that receives a 10-character ISBN number and reports whether the ISBN number is correct or not.


Input Output
1572224940 Valid
2572224945 Invalid: Checksum error
007222b Invalid input

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