Engineer at Uber

“Brilliant and concise! If you are a visual thinker, like me, you’ll find Coderust’s solution descriptions to be much easier to understand, retain and later explain. I found most interview preparation books and sites to be overwhelming, mainly because they dump 200 problems on you; it’s like drinking from a firehose. Coderust, on the other hand, feels like a personal mentor who has put in the time to carefully choose problems that matter and then bottles downs their solutions for you to consume. It’s hands down the best and simplest way to prepare for interviews if you are under a time-crunch.”

Developer at Dropbox

“Landing a decent job in today’s tech market requires lot of coding practice and understanding of algorithms. After having to spend many years working at Microsoft I wanted to move on but didn’t want to go through exercise of reading through different algorithms again. What I was looking for was a short and quick summary of most common interview problems. Coderust helped me achieve exactly that. I was able to visualize and understand complex algorithms. Especially animations helped a lot, I was able to go back and forth at each step to make sure I understand the solution fully. In short Coderust helped me reduce my prep time by a big factor by helping me focus on problems and questions that matter in tech interviews of today. Kudos to Coderust developers and please keep the question list short :)”

Engineer at Lyft

“Coderust’s high quality illustrations, examples and sample code helped me learn how to effectively approach some of the scary looking problems during the coding interviews. My confidence was sky high after a few weeks of practice, interviews went like a breeze and I had multiple offers some of the top notch tech companies. Two thumbs up for Coderust team.”

Engineer at Oculus/Facebook

“I used Coderust to prepare for my interviews. I feel that it covers a very good subset of common questions asked during interviews. Its an invaluable tool for anyone preparing for coding interviews.”

Engineer at Google

“Coderust is an optimally designed complete reference material to prepare for technical interviews. They way it offers all the important topics with right difficulty levels is amazing. The best part is really smart solutions and the way content is created simply makes the preparation time super productive.”

Engineer at Facebook

“Coderust is worth every penny. Extremely useful in landing my dream job. It covers a big spectrum, ranging from moderate difficulty to tougher and more hard problems.”

Engineer at Tableau

“Coderust goes beyond providing just a solution to actually breaking it down into easily comprehensible chunks and walking you through the problem-solving approach. That way you’re equipped to solve any problem that builds on those concepts, not just the one under discussion. Code solutions provided are reliable and well-explained. Best of all, they’re provided in multiple languages. It was definitely instrumental in helping me land the job of my choice.”

Engineer at Amazon

“When I decided to change jobs, I was in search of a tool which could quickly help me revise stuff. One of my biggest requirement was I didn’t want to read full books or lengthy articles as I didn’t have that kind of time. Coderust was exactly what I wanted. Especially the illustrations were awesome and super useful, they saved me a lot of time and gave me the right hints. I did not use any tool other than coderust for preparation and interviewed in 3 top companies, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, and got offers from all 3 of them. About 60% of the questions I got asked in interviews were either covered in Coderust or a similar problem was there which helped me a lot during the interviews. Whenever I meet someone preparing for interviews I always recommend them Coderust.”

Engineer at Facebook

“Coderust offered distilled and to-the-point practice questions with very well written explanations. I really found the interactive nature of explanations very unique. This is something which is NOT available anywhere else. By mapping the code and description to visually interactive material, Coderust is the fastest way to understand complex algorithms. Their code was bug-free and very nicely written; it’s a great example of how industry professionals write the code. I would highly recommend Coderust for anyone preparing for interviews or just looking to brush up their skills.”

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