Bounded Context

Learn to define limits and responsibilities among processes in Domain Driven Design DDD, through the definition of bounded contexts.

It is almost impossible to create only one model that represents the complete operation of an organization when the processes of an organization are modeled. The model becomes difficult to understand and translate into code. Different groups of people can use subtly different terms for different subdomains in a large company. This leads to confusion and misunderstanding of vocabulary. Domain Driven Design proposes that we explore each subdomain separately. This will allow a team to get the best definition of vocabulary, used in a particular subdomain. Therefore, the team will be able to create a more accurate model for a subdomain.

What is a bounded context?

A bounded context is a strategic pattern, which helps to maintain consistency between subdomains and their models. There must be a clear definition of limits between all of the bounded contexts that exist in a domain. These limits can be set during scoping sessions, such as an event storming.

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