What is Hexagonal Architecture?

Learn to structure a component with the use of an interesting approach called hexagonal architecture.

Once the whole business model is defined, at least for the first MVP, it is time to start coding the project. There are many ways to implement software in the software industry; some implementation methods are good, while others are not. . One point to keep in mind when software is implemented is that there is no silver bullet. This means there is no tool, practice, or framework that can be used in every project. Therefore, it is a good practice to analyze the problem and choose the best software architecture.

What is software architecture?

This is not an easy term to define, because it can be abstract depending on the perspective. When software for a company is designed, there are three different levels to the process:

  • Strategic level: This is known as enterprise architecture. It deals with problems related to processes, applications, infrastructure, and actors that are involved across an organization.
  • Solution level: This is known as solution architecture. It solves everything related to a particular solution of software. The solution may involve different components, actors, and specific processes of an organization.
  • Artifact level: This is known as software architecture. It deals with problems related to a particular component, in an ecosystem of components, and structures it. It may involve layers, a programming language, design patterns, and so on.

In this case, efforts will be oriented to define how to design and implement a specific component, how we should build parts inside the component, and how those parts should interact amongst themselves. These are the concerns that software architecture deals with. It also gives us good practices, guidelines, and many more things.

The levels of architectural abstraction

The following image shows the levels of architectural abstraction:

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